How to Send a Package / Parcel with Eagle Post?

To ensure that every part of your shipment arrives safely, follow the steps below:

1 -
When preparing a shipment, it's important to choose a box that is in good condition and of good quality. The box should be slightly larger than the contents of the shipment, providing enough space to protect the items while preventing them from moving freely inside the box. You can visit Eagle Post HQ or call Customer Service to request for proper box or for any assistance required.
2 -
To prevent damage during transit, it's crucial to wrap each item separately using bubble wrap or similar material and ensure that they are not in contact with the sides of the box.
3 -
To prevent accidental opening, use wide and thick tape to secure the box in an H shape on the top and bottom faces. If the box is heavy, consider strapping it in addition to taping.
4 -
It's important to use appropriate packing materials and techniques that adhere to the regulations of the export country.
5 -
When shipping high-value goods, it's important to provide extra cushioning and protection to ensure their safety during transit.
6 -
When shipping light boxes like gifts or shoeboxes, it's important to pack them in a corrugated outer box for added protection.
7 -
Customers can move their shipment after confirming with Eagle Post the maximum weight allowed. The maximum weight per piece is thirty (30) kilos, and there is no restriction on the number of pieces within a shipment. Additionally, the maximum shipment size per piece is 120 centimetres long, by 50 centimetres high, by 50 centimetres wide.
8 -
We highly recommend creating personal labels that contain the sender and recipient details and placing them on top and sides of the boxes instead of writing on the box itself.
9 -
Once you have completed all the necessary steps. You can log-in on our website to request for pick up, or by dropping off your box at our EP Headquarters.
10 -
To ensure that your package meets all necessary requirements, we kindly request that you refrain from fully sealing your box. Our Eagle Post Customer Associate will conduct a thorough inspection of your box upon pick up to ensure that there are no prohibited items included in your receptacle. Once everything has been approved for domestic air freight, the Eagle Post Associate will then apply the final seal. Eagle Post weighs your receptacle in our Warehouse after the final seal is in place. Our representative will contact you if there are any additional costs or concerns regarding your package.